MFA Biennial


These images from Moweaqua were part of the 2008 MFA Show at Illinois State University, which ended yesterday. All were printed as 20 x 14 or 16×16 and framed beautifully with homemade pine frames made by my fiance Bert. It’s handy to have a woodworker in the house. 
Special thanks to Gale Wempen (holding the pepper, his last of the season) who has been a longtime resident of Moweaqua, or just outside of town. He graciously let me photograph him and told me about how much my Grandpa Ira used to love Sassafras tea, which I never knew. 
Included are: 
East of Moweaqua
Gale Wempen and his last pepper
Cigarettes and Tomatoes 
Jesus on Coatrack

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