Photographer’s Forum 29th Annual College Photography Contest

Just got home, opened my mail and found out Coop (Secor), 2008  has been chosen as a finalist in the Photographer ‘s Forum 29th Annual College Photography Contest! The contest is co-sponsored by Nikon, with the prizes ranging from a $2000 grant and camera for the top prize to 100 honorable mentions, to be announced in February.

The Coop is going to be included in The Best of College Photography 2009, which will be published in June. It’s a huge honor just to be selected for such a thing out of 3,000 student entries, I’m still a little in shock. And I can’t thank the town of Secor enough for leaving that awesome tree and sign up!  I’ve photographed it in two other seasons (fall and summer) and hope to get a spring shot as well this year. 

An enormous 3×3 foot version of this print can be seen at the McLean County Arts Center in Bloomington for the next few weeks. Otherwise after that it can be seen in my kitchen! 


Coop (Secor)

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