Artist’s books and prints available on Etsy

Because nothing says “I love you” like good art!  (Or happy birthday, Merry Christmas, etc..)

I love it when my art  makes someone happy, and has a place in their home- so I thought Etsy would be a good venue to make my prints more available year-round. Prints will be added slowly in the next few weeks, but I can also print specific sizes, and of course, can print any image you find here but not on Etsy. Just e-mail me-


Also, I have 2 copies left of my Limited Edition leather bound artist’s book, featuring 10 color prints from my Illinois, Illinois portfolio (2007-2008). All books are signed and contain original archival pigment prints made in the studio. This is a limited edition of 8 books, and 5 have sold so far. They make wonderful gifts and I’ve heard great things from people who bought one for family and friends over the holidays.

These book contain some of my favorite images from the past year (included below) made with my Hasselblaad 500c/m, including: The Lincoln Room, Midwestern Romanticism, Coop (Secor), Old Style and many more…



One Response to Artist’s books and prints available on Etsy

  1. Hannah says:

    you use etsy too?:)
    I made my own website so you can view some of my pictures.

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