A Free Woman for Now!

April 27, 2009


Year two of Grad School, done!   I fell like Chyna here, doing a little strut in the dirt and kicking back my heels…

With all this free time during the Summer  and a ton of new projects (what free time, right?) look for more frequent updates from Moweaqua and around the Midwest here on the blog! 


A delayed wedding post…

April 22, 2009

I promised my friends Sarah and Pete that I wouldn’t post pictures from their February wedding until ALL of their family had seen the pictures, and so despite the delay the time is here -they both have big families!  I have known Sarah since she was in diapers, so it was such an honor to photograph her wedding. And what a gorgeous wedding it was- everything from the  cake to the dresses to flowers were all home-made, and so special for their big day. 



IWA Symposium

April 19, 2009


The Illinois Women Artists Project Symposium was a full day of talks, discussions and new ideas concerning the lives of Women artists from 1840-1940- What an amazing day! I was blown away by each and every presentation, and no two were alike.

Imagine my surprise when the first talk of the day was about none other than a wonderful painter born in Assumption- what are the chances? Above all else, it was an honor to meet so many gifted academics and artists from other schools, I hope they enjoyed their visit to ISU and I look forward to seeing where all of our research leads us now! 

Illinois Women Artists Symposium- Come join us!

April 17, 2009

For the past year I have been part of an academic project to rediscover the  history of women artists in Illinois from 1840 and 1940. My research has been focused on early female photographers, from studio owners in Central Illinois to the work of Clara Brian and others who were part of the Illinois Home Extension Bureau, and were pioneers of using photography as community education tools in rural settings.

Tomorrow, students from Bradley, Northern, Southern and ISU will be gathering to share their research and experiences in doing this research on their topics. I will be speaking on the Photography of the Home Extension Bureau, including documentation that photography was used by many women in the Bureau as part of their community outreach over the years, and comparing the images made by these women to other documents made for the Bureau by outside studios.

It will be an amazing day, please consider joining us!


Happy Friday!

April 17, 2009

Here’s wishing everyone a relaxing weekend spent with the people (or pets) you love!

More Easter

April 16, 2009

dad with eggs

How to make a Grad Review

April 16, 2009

Every semester we MFA students at Illinois State go through the lovely process of the MFA Graduate Reviews. Our hard work + all art faculty + one cinderblock studio= Grad Review!  It’s a great chance to get the feedback of faculty from other mediums, and to sum up the semester with your best work. 

Yesterday I presented 35 new images from Moweaqua, which was kind of like putting together a gallery show that only lasted an hour!  The response was great and the discussion was helpful. And in the end, I felt like it was a pretty productive semester, or at least a great start to the next year of photographing in Moweaqua!