Jack and Cally’s Wedding


Congratulations to my cousin Cally and her husband Jack who were married last Saturday in Moweaqua! It was a really wonderful ceremony to witness… (I promised them only a few pics will end up being used for my Moweaqua project)  These two crazy kids are just too adorable, so much love!

2 Responses to Jack and Cally’s Wedding

  1. Shane Traughber says:

    Hey Britten, thanks so much for doing the photography at Cally and Jack’s wedding. The pictures look great. You’ve got a lot of talent! It was good to see you. Hope youre doing great and we’ll have to keep in touch.
    God bless, Shane

  2. Mandy says:

    So, I’m friends with Heidi and Cally and happened to find your website from Janet Potsick’s facebook message about the photo benefit. I love some of those pics from Cally & Jack’s wedding! The one of Heidi is gorgeous, and then I really love the one of Cally & Jack kissing in the doorway with the picture of Jesus over them…kinda funny, “Jesus is watching!”

    Glad to find your site!

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