Portraits at WGDR 91.1 FM

It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 whole years since I took these portraits that live in the WGDR hallway at Goddard College.

This Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll will be back in the pit of WGDR to capture and celebrate the station volunteers once again. Whether you’re brand new the station, had your portrait taken last time, or wish to remain completely anonymous (we can do that!) please consider stopping by. The “studio” will be set up Wednesday from 10-5 and Thursday from 10 am – 11 pm. So don’t be shy!

“The Volunteer Programmers of WGDR”, is a series of portraits that give a face to all the wonderful voices of our beloved 91.1 FM, community radio at its finest. If you haven’t heard of the station, or want to listen in, check it out on-line- http://www.wgdr.org   There’s nothing else out there quite like it!

4 Responses to Portraits at WGDR 91.1 FM

  1. Matthew Chaney says:

    AWESOME pics! Go Willis!!!

  2. axel stohlberg says:

    big fan of wgdr. the photos are top drawer!

  3. Josh High says:

    Dear Ms. Trauber,

    Heard your interview, always admired those phots and wondered who took them. I have been a programmer at WGDR on and off now for 16 years. I would love to sit for one of your portraits if the opportunity still existed. let me know when and where.


  4. gdbehre says:

    Hey its Grant, I remember seeing these before, especially the first two for some reason. These are awesome!

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