A girl’s gotta have a hobby…

July 23, 2009


There is one thing in life that I love just as much as photography- collecting, repairing and selling vintage clothes. After stashing away so many things in my closet for the past 10 years, I thought it was time to offer some of these awesome clothes for others to enjoy. So next time you’re in Bloomington, feel free to stop by the Old Warehouse Antiques and Collectibles,  and check out the Vintage BLT rack!


Dena and Joe’s Preview

July 20, 2009


One of my favorite things about being in the arts is getting to work with so many creative people. Dena is an awesome graphic designer from Bloomington who I’ve been collaborating with since June, she’s designing the big project coming out this fall!  I photographed she and her husband Joe this week on ISU’s campus (their lovely alma mater and my second home) for no good reason other than a) it’s summer b) they’re married and in love and c) it was long overdue! 

An Enormous Thank You!

July 19, 2009

We have received an overwhelming response to the Print Fundraiser for the Potsicks… So much in fact that I am starting to make a second batch of prints this week!  To those who have already donated, thank you so much for your support. And to anyone out there who is still interested in contributing, there is no deadline. I’ve decided that “Weathering the Storm” will not be available through any gallery or publication other than those that directly benefit the Potsicks- I’m still amazed at the on-going support that people are kindly showing towards this family in their time of need!  

And to put a face with the name, here is Aaron himself… Always in good spirits, always surrounded by people who love him! 


Kids are the best

July 19, 2009


Though I’ve yet to hop on the Mommy bus myself (maybe someday), I love every chance I get to photograph other people’s kids. I got my workout chasing after Paige, we ate cookies and sang songs, and even made it down the slide a few times. If my photography career doesn’t take off, count me in as a nanny!

Our Big Fat Midwestern Reunion

July 15, 2009


The Saddoris/Steele/Barnes/Traughber/Bohlen reunion this weekend was a success. We had a fun time getting together and catching up, and rallying everyone together for a few family photos. 

Print Sale to Benefit the Potsicks

July 8, 2009

This is the e-mail that I just sent out to try and rally extra support for my friends Aaron and Janet…  I am starting to make the prints tomorrow and hope this will be a great chance for anyone, like me,  who has wanted to help them but wasn’t quite sure how! 


This summer Aaron and Janet Potsick of have been truly blessed- by the arrival of their new son who joins their 2 adorable girls, and by the progress that Aaron has made after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Following a successful craniotomy, Aaron is undergoing continued treatment, and is on the road to recovery. However, the future ahead for the Potsicks is both emotionally and financially difficult, as they seek out all possible solutions to facilitate Aaron’s healing process.

This fundraiser is a chance to support the Potsicks in their journey while adding a beautiful piece of art to your home.

A signed 8×10″ photograph “Weathering the Storm” (by Illinois-based artist Britten Traughber) is now available for a donation of $30, with all the donations going directly to the Potsick family of Moweaqua.

Prints are available by sending a check endorsed to Aaron Potsick at the address below:

Britten Traughber
317 E. South St.
Moweaqua, IL 62550

Please include a return address where the print should be mailed, or feel free to contact Britten via e-mail at brittentraughber@hotmail.c om for any further questions.

Thank you for your support! 


If I ran the Zoo..

July 8, 2009


If I ran the Zoo, it would be just like the Wildlife Prairie Park in Peoria! With all native Illinois habitat in open fields, some vicious Midwestern shrubbery and a lot of beautiful art, there were plenty of adventures to be had (plus a 50 foot slide that kicked my butt). Apologies to my little cousins who thought I was capturing each animal we saw, but I was more interested in other things- like the amazing finds in the  historic museum there!