An Enormous Thank You!

We have received an overwhelming response to the Print Fundraiser for the Potsicks… So much in fact that I am starting to make a second batch of prints this week!  To those who have already donated, thank you so much for your support. And to anyone out there who is still interested in contributing, there is no deadline. I’ve decided that “Weathering the Storm” will not be available through any gallery or publication other than those that directly benefit the Potsicks- I’m still amazed at the on-going support that people are kindly showing towards this family in their time of need!  

And to put a face with the name, here is Aaron himself… Always in good spirits, always surrounded by people who love him! 


One Response to An Enormous Thank You!

  1. Jonathan Berkleigh says:

    I ran a search on Aaron Potsick mainly because I had not heard from him for a long 6 months. My friend Rich and I were very blessed to meet Aaron and Janet during the short time they lived in Florida. They were here not for the climate, but to guide and assist youth with troubled souls. Since I was quite older than them, I doubt that they even knew they were giving first aid to my troubled soul as well. I am ever-grateful that we met, and honored to have them as friends. To know them is to love them. Jonathan.

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