Greetings from Cali!

December 28, 2009

 Southern California is a nice change from the wintery weather in Illinois! It’s great to be on vacation, and my two biggest goals are relax and catch up on the blog… and maybe pick up some surfing in the meantime?


Transpace Opening was a Success!

December 6, 2009

I can’t congratulate my “ladies” of the Performance and Camera class enough for their successful work and opening this semester at ISU. We had over 100 people visit the gallery in 2 hours, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I will really miss working with this group of amazing students, but I’ll see you all in the lab next semester! 

The show will be up at Transpace for the rest of the month, so please stop by if you couldn’t make the opening!

Performance and the Camera at Transpace Gallery

December 3, 2009

Performance and the Camera, the culminating work of 7 creative and talented students at ISU, is opening this Friday at the Transpace Gallery in Normal. In this class we explored the world beyond traditional photography- including performance, installation, public interaction and persona- and I can’t say enough about  how impressed I’ve been by the quality of the work they created all semester. The gallery show itself looks amazing!

Two on-site performances will take place at the opening beginning at 6:00, and I’ll update the blog with photos of the big event shortly afterwards.

Congratulations ladies, and thank you for your hard work, creativity and enthusiasm!