The wedding that got me to the altar


In late March I got to photograph Chris and Heather’s wedding, a small family ceremony on a Friday evening in Moweaqua. I was honored, since I remember adoring Heather when I was growing up- I thought she was the most beautiful person ever!  Since then she and I have taken similar paths, moving away, establishing our careers, living in exotic places like Manhattan (ok, Brooklyn in my case)… and then coming home and finding our place in the world. I was very excited to be part of her big day and I’m not joking, the girl has GOOD taste!

However, I wasn’t prepared for how Chris and Heather’s ceremony and intimate vows would affect me. After the ceremony we went to Decatur for some fun artistic shots at the Fire Station where Chris works. Everyone was so wonderful to work with, I felt like I was part of the family. Even the firefighters got involved. Everything that day fell in to place and was so beautiful.

Fast forward to the following Monday afternoon in Bloomington, after I spent the weekend in Moweaqua working. My poor unsuspecting partner  of 7 years walks in  after a full day of teaching and all I could say is “We need to talk”… poor guy!  And talk we did… 2 hours later we decided that our time was finally here, that we were ready to make the kind of honest, loving and intentional commitment that Heather and Chris made. We finally set a date (two actually) and acknowledged that our commitment was already there in practice, we just wanted to celebrate our life together with those we love. And we wanted to do it in a way that was humble, fun and “us”. We spend so much time photographing weddings, meeting with couples to make their weddings go smoothly, we had never really stopped to think about what our ceremony would look like!

A lot of people ask me how I really feel about photographing weddings, being that my academic training is in the field of fine art photography. I can honestly say I love it. No two weddings are alike, and my eye is always trying new things in new situations. I’ve been privileged to end up in a field of work that I love, and every bride I’ve worked with these past 3 years in Illinois has made my job worth it. I love  capturing the moments as a couple makes their commitment public.  And in the case of Heather and Chris, I love the weddings that have opened my eyes to what can be possible in life with someone wonderful at your side.

One Response to The wedding that got me to the altar

  1. ricky says:

    Those are stunning! I can’t wait for you shoot my wedding! Especially since I’m gonna have to go to Hawaii to get it! … 😉

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