Can I get an Aloha?

Aloha from beautiful Hawaii!

We have finally settled into our new home in Keaau, on the Big Island, which is more beautiful than I can describe. My better half Bert will be finishing his PhD research here, and I’ll be cooking up photos and food as usual… and starting a new project or two 🙂

We’ve spent the past 7 weeks in transition, moving from Illinois in our teal Mazda with our kitty in tow, which makes it strange to finally settle into a more permanent home. On our way west we hit Austin, the Grand Canyon and Los Angeles, took some great photos and saw lots of friends and family. Lucia totally earned her traveling stripes along the way.

And now that we’re settling into our “normal” lives, my goal is to get this little blog hopping once again (of course this past year included many weddings, my thesis show, selling everything we own, new jobs…  “normal” is relative I suppose). As I look through the past 6 months of work, I’ve got everything from new Moweaqua work, portraits, landscapes, weddings… some killer boudoir and beauty queens… Basically I dropped the blogging ball to make this move happen!

So forgive me if the upcoming posts are out of order, but it feels good to have a space and time to think again, instead of the go-go-go rhythm of too much work, too much work, too much road-  there are too too many pictures that I’ve been waiting to share!

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