February 17, 2011


True Love Again

February 15, 2011

My first love, Gully, you were the one that no one wanted. You were always last on the rental list in the photo cage, and for six months straight you had nothing but “BLT” to claim you. Our first trip to Illinois would be the things of legend- or at least of Graduate school worthy work- 30 rolls of film later, you knew me well. You saw the fallen house, the ruins of Illinois more clearly than even I did at the time. Later, I saw what was there in front of us both.

When I left Vermont you were given to me, broken parts and all, and they wished us both good luck.  I left your bar code “Property of Bennington College” for posterity, and in case we ever got lost, a crumb trail home.

I fixed you twice when no one saw the point. I loaned you to students and warned them to treat you well. They always listened, and gave you back. Then, sadly, I too moved on. But I kept you in your blue fake silk case all the same. I knew you would live on.



February 15, 2011


February 14, 2011


February 13, 2011


February 11, 2011


February 10, 2011