BT Photography at the Bloomington Kids Expo!

February 14, 2010

Recently I was invited to photograph at Blooming Grove Academy (, an amazing independent school here in Bloomington. After spending two days documenting life in the classrooms, the lifelong-learner in me was thrilled to see such progressive and thoughtful education in action. I could have only dreamed of school being like this when I was a kid! We ended our two day shoot with a portrait-palooza of fun, goofy and heartfelt images of the staff and students, capturing the vibrance and passion of this unique community. John Dewey would love it!

While the new website for BGA is getting ready to roll out, the design team at Artezen Design ( has been doing a fabulous job of creating a new look for the school. Yesterday, the new logo and my images made their debut at the Kids Expo here in Bloomington- and the feedback has been overwhelming… Eye catching, isn’t it?


Proud to be a SUPERGIRL

February 7, 2010

Now that the game is over, and the calls can be disputed, I can walk away from my radio (yes, I listened to the Super Bowl on AM) and remember that more importantly, I was a SUPERGIRL for a day! (Or better yet, 5 of my self-portraits were Super-Mrs?)

This awesome event for women took place at Lincoln Land College in Jacksonville and featured local vendors, fun activities for all ages and amazing artwork, including the Mrs. Series by yours truly. I love when my “girls” get out to meet the public, they really hate being cooped up at home!

A huge thanks to Clare of the Imagine Foundation of Jacksonville who curated the show ( who also gave me a warm bed when I was stranded in Jacksonville,  and to the folks who organized the event at Lincoln Land. I’m looking forward to returning again and talking to you all soon!